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James Ubertini: Inspiring creativity and nurturing company growth.

As an independent Creative Director many organizations consider me their 'in-house graphics and design department' ... 'always on call' without being 'on staff', continuously plugged in to their current goals and future vision. To some, I am a 'Brand Ambassador' able to capture the essence and DNA of their products and company through a wide variety of design initiatives. To others, I am their art director, the go-to creative source for new and exciting graphic concepts. Most of the people I have worked with over the years think of me as an integral part of their marketing team, an individual who understands their demands for quality, fast turnaround and incomparable service.

Brand Experience:

  • Bearings Limited
  • Brooks Brothers
  • Eastern Environmental
  • Long Island Jewish Hospital
  • Luxottica Group
  • Maxxima
  • Murphy Bed Company
  • New York Hospital
  • Oyster Bay Railroad Museum
  • Palm Bay International
  • Persol Eyewear
  • Peterbilt Trucks
  • Philippe Diamond Corp.
  • Pirelli Tires
  • Polo/Ralph Lauren
  • Prestigeline Lighting
  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses
  • Santinelli International
  • Seating Solutions
  • Time Warner Business Services